Roller Shutter Specialists Covering Sydney Metro, Penrith and Beyond

When you combine top quality materials with first-class engineering and the best available European precision machinery, and then manufacture locally in Australia, you have a winning combination that is hard to beat.

Here at GuardRight, we are Roller shutter specialists covering Sydney Metro, Penrith and Blue Mountains and security roller shutters are our specialty.

We make aluminium roller shutter systems that offer uncompromising, year-round quality living solutions for homes and commercial applications. From Sydney to beyond the Blue Mountains, security shutters are proving a viable and effective means to gain a great many benefits:

The GuardRight Benefits

  • Security and Break-In Protection
  • Sun and Weather Protection
  • Privacy and Light Control
  • Noise Pollution Reduction
  • Energy Savings
  • Durable Aluminium 2-Ply Construction
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Never Need Repainting


secure right Roller Shutters

SecureRight Domestic 42mm Curved profile has been designed to last and built to perform in our harshest of Australian conditions. Made right here in Australia using the highest quality European machines available.

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SecureRight HD

secure rightHD Roller Shutters

SecureRight HD Domestic 42mm Curved profile is the big sister to our SecureRight range of affordable roller shutters. As times are ever-changing, along with our clients’ needs.

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span right Roller Shutters

SpanRight Domestic/Commercial 55mm Curved profile has been designed to suit wide windows and openings in today’s new construction designs. Designed for the harshest of Australian conditions

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SpanRight HD

span rightHD Roller Shutters

SpanRight HD Commercial 77mm Curved profile is the big brother to our SpanRight Range of wide-span roller shutters. GuardRight is always evolving its range to suit the construction industries and architects and builders alike.

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easyview Roller Shutters

GuardRight introduced the EasyView Roller Shutter range for our customers looking for the benefits of a traditional roller shutter, but wanting to maintain the views they have come to love. This simple desire inspired the design process.

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EasyView HD

easyviewHD Roller Shutters

EasyView HD Commercial 50mm Curved profile has been designed to suit in today’s new construction designs. Designed for the harshest of Australian conditions, EasyView HD is made right here in Australia using extruded aluminium single-skinned wall profile.

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firesafe Roller Shutters

GuardRight introduced the FireSafe Bushfire Rated Roller Shutter range for homes and business owners who want to protect their property and families from bushfire.The FireSafe roller shutters have gone through rigorous testing with the CSIRO.

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cycloneSafe Roller Shutters

Extreme wind-resistant roller shutters have become a hight priority, with Mother Nature changing very quickly and Australians becoming more and more vulnerable to regular storms and cyclones.

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GuardRight HD

guardright hd 1 Roller Shutters

The most secure roller shutter in the GuardRight range, and was designed with security in mind.Constructed from high-grade billet aluminium, then extruded through a precision die to achieve a seamless high-grade profile

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Security and Break-In Protection

GuardRight aluminium roller shutters provide a formidable deterrent for intruders. The robust roller shutter brings down a strong, protective shield to protect against break-ins and other hazards, so you can have maximum peace of mind. Even when you’re away, you can program automated functions to make it look like you’re home, making would-be home invaders gladly look elsewhere instead.

Sun and Weather Protection

Harsh UV rays hit your curtains, floor coverings and furniture every day, sun-bleaching and fading them over time. Wild storms and weather bring rain, hail, snow and high winds to contend with. Security shutters offer the perfect solution for all such situations. They make battening down for a storm a breeze and they shield your home and furnishings safely from the stormy or sunny elements, as well as cut out visual glare. Security shutters make an ideal addition to North and West facing windows too.

Privacy and Light Control

GuardRight aluminium roller shutters can be opened and closed from inside your home to control the visibility in from outside. By closing or opening them fully or partially as preferred, you can screen out the glare of the sun or the gaze of neighbours and passers-by. The shutters are ideal for creating privacy and your preferred level of light in your own spaces. They offer sleep solutions for shift workers, the light-sensitive, or anyone affected when sunlight, moonlight or streetlights intrude at different hours. On allotments where the next door windows or walkways are too close for comfort, the adjustable shutters provide welcome and streamlined privacy and light control solutions.

Noise Pollution Reduction

GuardRight aluminium roller shutters block up to 35 decibels, depending on the structure of your building and the product type. The shutters’ hi-density urethane inserts insulate and screen out the noise pollution of airplanes, barking dogs, traffic, lawn mowers and industrial machinery and sounds that interfere with daily life and disrupt sleep, work or relaxation. Normal window glass has a high transfer rate for sound, so covering with GuardRight aluminium roller shutters is an Ideal solution if your neighbours like to party, or for homes close to heavy traffic, airports, schools or playing fields.

Energy Savings

Why strain the heater or air conditioner when you can make a substantial insulation difference with GuardRight aluminium roller shutter systems? The injected, CFC Free urethane insert gives effective insulation against cold and heat and makes for a more comfortable indoor climate. Overall, the energy costs for heating and cooling will reduce and you’ll leave a gentler carbon footprint.

Durable Aluminium 2-Ply Construction
Corrosion Resistant
No Repainting

GuardRight aluminium roller shutter systems are composed of high-quality aluminium, which offers a high degree of precision in the manufacturing process, with overall strength and durability. They are built for tough Australian conditions, so the shutters are largely resistant to corrosion and, thanks to our thick-coat stove enamelling, they never need repainting!

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