modest plantation1 Plantation Shutters
GuardRight introduced the Modest range of plantation shutters to offer the elegant design and style our customers have come to love, at an affordable entry-level price to the GuardRight Plantation Shutter range. Modest plantation shutters are designed from a first-class Polymer Resin, and extruded to obtain a hollow core.


sophisticated plantation1 Plantation ShuttersThe Sophisticated range of plantation shutters are the most popular range with our customers. Designed from a solid polymer resin composite, Sophisticated plantation shutters are water proof, which enables the shutters to be used in wet areas and steam rooms, besides normal windows and openings.


nightfall plantation1 Plantation ShuttersThe Nightfall range was introduced as an all-in-one plantation shutter by GuardRight, to fulfil the demand for a product that had all the benefits of the Sophisticated range with the additional ability to stop light filtering in through the blades. With intensive research and development we were able to redesign the blades so they interlock into one another.


opulence plantation1 Plantation ShuttersThe Opulence range is the flagship range in the internal plantation shutters that GuardRight offer. These are hand made using only the highest quality hand-picked Basswood, then shaped and kiln-dried to obtain a strong durable and elegant look. The Opulence range is the perfect choice for the customer that is looking for a Midas touch in their home.


aluminum plantation1 Plantation ShuttersGuardRight introduced the Aluminium range to suit the many Australian’s enjoying the outdoors more and more today. The Aluminium Range is ideal to add value for all-year-round use in outdoor Queenslander rooms, awning or alfresco areas. You may also just be after some privacy from that two story home next door.


screen plantation1 Plantation ShuttersThe ScreenRight range was Introduced for our customers who enjoy the outdoors but due to new building codes are vulnerable to some neighbouring homes being able to see into your private space. The ScreenRight range can be made up into fixed panels with a blade angle of 60 degrees, so you and your family can enjoy your privacy all year round.

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Why Choose GuardRight Plantation Shutters

The GuardRight Plantation Shutter range is renowned for being the most versatile and visually appealing furnishing product for your windows. The sophisticated designs throughout the range are well suited to both traditional and contemporary interiors, and the GuardRight Plantation Shutter Range can effortlessly blend with neutral interiors, or be incorporated to make a bold statement or feature.

With an aesthetic impact that we have all grown to love, Polymer Resin, Basswood and Plantation Shutters can transform internal spaces whilst the Aluminium can bring the outdoors in, transforming your alfresco area into an extended part of the home that can be enjoyed all year round.

The GuardRight Benefits

Privacy and Light Control

GuardRight aluminium roller shutter systems are composed of high quality aluminium. This offers a high degree of precision in manufacturing and durability. They are largely resistant to corrosion and, thanks to our thick-coat stove enamelling, they never need repainting.

Privacy Control

GuardRight Plantation Shutters are simply controlled with a gentle tilt of the blades, allowing you to determine how much people can see in from outside, and the amount of natural light you’d like to let in.

Our Nightfall plantation shutter is the perfect choice for shift workers, light sensitive people, and for the theatre room due to its unique interlocking blade.

Sun Protection

GuardRight Plantation Shutters can be adjusted according to how high the sun is sitting, protecting your flooring and furniture from the harsh Australian UV rays that bleach most coverings every day. Glare will also become a thing of the past.

Ideal for North and West facing windows.

Weather Protection (Aluminium)

Ideal for outdoor patio, living and entertaining areas with enclosures.

Energy Savings

Did you know that windows are typically responsible for up to 50% of the energy wastage in your home? GuardRight Plantation Shutters offer insulation from both heat and cold, for a more comfortable indoor climate that also aids in lowering your energy costs. The density of the material used in GuardRight Plantation Shutters offers superior heat reflection, insulation and barrier against colder climates.

GuardRight Polymer Resin Plantation Shutters are a durable option if you are considering putting them into or near wet areas, as they are not affected by water or moisture. This ensures that they will never crack, split, peel or fade as the colour is infused throughout the extruded polymer resin profile, not just on the surface. The Polymer Resin shutters are then finished with a high tensile lead-FREE and VOC-FREE coating.

Not all Plantation Shutters are designed or built equal, which makes it very difficult for you, the customer, to pick the most appropriate shutter for your exact needs. Many customers make the mistake of deciding on a shutter based on price or warranty, and then end up with a product that may seem better value initially, but is not suited to last in the long run.

Furthermore, the fine print details in the warranty can mean that the warranty is completely void if it’s not a fit for purpose selection.

The GuardRight team is extremely passionate about ensuring that you not only get the best value product, but the most appropriate and relevant product to suit your needs in the long run. We will help you choose the absolute best and most appropriate Plantation Shutters to last you for decades to come.

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