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Your home is your sanctuary but there are many factors that can reduce the quality of your living environment and the ability to enjoy a healthy and stress free lifestyle.

Glass windows are a major feature of your home’s design. Many existing homes have single glazed windows using glass which is to the minimal standards, which provide minimal noise and thermal insulation. Magnetite’s retrofit double glazing system achieves a complete and sustainable solution providing significant results that you can feel and hear and the best part is that once installed are discreet.

At GuardRight we pride ourselves in customising our installations to suit your needs as we are all unique and so are our homes. We will tailor our products for a solution in the reductions in Heat, Noise, Cold and Acoustic insulation in your home by selecting the correct glazing system and the correct air cavity to provide you and your family an all year round solution to your Thermal Insulation or Acoustic problems.

GuardRight only uses and recommends the highest quality products available and Magnetite’s results have been proven and tested through third party accredited organisations time and time again.

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Acoustic insulation, thermal comfort and energy efficiency are major benefits of double glazing. Many home owners are choosing GuardRight to install Magnetite’s retrofit double glazing for a variety of other reasons:

  • Heritage and Period Homes – Antique, stained and lead light windows can be insulated without being replaced and without any change to the appearance of your home or window.
  • Strata and Apartments – Installation can be completed without any changes to the exterior of the building.
  • Sustainable Living – Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through lower energy use and a lower impact on the environment by using existing materials instead of replacement windows that create waste
  • Government Initiatives – Magnetite was available for funding under the Green Loans scheme and the BER scheme introduced by the federal government. Unfortunately the Green Loans scheme has been cancelled but we are always on the lookout for other government initiatives that help Australians create a greener, cleaner future.
  • Property Value – double glazing your existing windows will increases your property value by improving the comfort of the home without compromising the character of the windows.
  • Flexibility – the Magnetite system is able to be used on most types of residential windows, doors and skylights including sash windows, timber windows, sliding windows, casement windows, bi-fold doors and multi-panel windows.

Magnetite has achieved many awards from The Australian Business Awards who provide a notable opportunity for organisations to be recognised for well-managed, high-performing industry leading initiatives via an established set of award categories. Initiatives can include but are not limited to projects, programs, processes, services, systems, technologies, developments, ventures and undertakings.

2011 Winner Product Excellence Magnetite: Retrofit Double Glazing Windows2009 Winner Best Value Magnetite: Retrofit Double Glazing Windows 2009 Winner Service Excellence Magnetite: Retrofit Double Glazing Windows

Magnetite’s products are also accredited by:

Window Energy Rating f improf 140x146 Magnetite: Retrofit Double Glazing Windows ecospecifier Magnetite: Retrofit Double Glazing Windows Australian Window Association Magnetite: Retrofit Double Glazing Windows

Giving you and your family total piece of mind that you are using an award winning product for your home.

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